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The best financial care for your team.

We help your employees achieve financial peace of mind so they're happier, healthier, and more productive. 

Stressed employees

94% of employees worry about their finances, and 3/4 say that these concerns directly affect their work.

Difficult working relationships

Employees with poor financial health are 7.7x more likely to have troubled relationships with colleagues.

Impacts mental health

Those with money worries are 4.6x more likely to be suffering from depression.

Reduced productivity

​3.6 hours are lost each week due to money worries, and employees are 7.6x less likely to finish daily tasks if distracted by their finances.

Loss of talent

Employees are 2.2x more likely to look for another job when suffering from poor financial health.

Costs the company money

These factors combined add up to 15% of payroll.

Why it matters.

How we help.

Provide the best financial support to your team.

Every employee gets one-to-one support from a dedicated financial expert whenever they need it. 

We partner with you every step of the way.

Providing a new wellbeing initiative should be simple, so we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you, both now and in the future.

Launch with instant Setup.

Deliver meaningful support in hours, not months. With Bippit, there’s no need for complicated training or time-consuming payroll integrations.

Easy to use for everyone.

Whatever your team needs support with, Bippit can help. From student debt and credit cards, to mortgages and pensions.

Understand your employees better.

Our GDPR compliant dashboard helps you measure engagement levels.


What it means for your business.

Successful Workforce

With a clear financial picture and greater control over their spending, employees are happier and healthier.

More Engaged Teams

With achievable financial goals, and a brighter financial future ahead of them, employees are more engaged.

Improved Mental Health

With an expert advisor available to them, employees have reduced anxiety about the future, and improved focus.

Business outcomes & ROI.

Employee Engagement


engage with financial wellbeing support


ROI from our financial 
wellbeing platform


want expert help when making financial decisions

*Estimated figures based on academic research

Simple Execution

Instant Setup 
There’s no need for complicated training or payroll integrations

Launch Together 

We partner with you to launch a brand new benefit to your employees

Measure Success

Our GDPR compliant dashboard helps you measure engagement levels


Deliver better financial futures, today.

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